Number Knitting Pattern Tests

Thank you for joining in the testing the patterns for Number Knitting.

    Number Knitting, by Virginia Woods Bellamy (1952), influenced the knitting style and technique of many iconic knitters with familiar names like Elizabeth Zimmerman, Horst Schultz, Vivian Hoxboro, and more. They all attest to the fact that they were inspired by Number Knitting. (Elizabeth Zimmerman, in fact, even tried unsuccessfully back in the 1970s to get this book republished.) By reviving, and republishing this book, we will be helping to share with the knitting world what has proved to be a true inspiration for some of our knitting pioneers and heroes.
      • The sizes listed in the original book, Number Knitting, are extremely limited. I have attempted to increase the size range of the garments to fit a wider range of bodies.
      • The original book never discussed blocking in conjunction with gauge. Many knitters (myself included) have found the gauge in the book to be exceedingly loose. With most modern knitting patterns, the knitter is instructed to knit to the gauge specified by the pattern. With Number Knitting, you have more control. I recommend swatching to find the drape of the fabric that you like, then obtain your gauge from your swatch. Once your desired gauge is established you may adjust the scale of the chart to match your work.
      • We have a wider variety of yarn weights available to us today than when Mrs. Bellamy began developing her book in the 1930s-40s. Number Knitting lists four yarn weights A-D. I have tried to correspond to those with modern yarn weights. It is not necessary to use the weight specified in the pattern. It is more important that you get the fabric that you You are in control.
      • The original Bellamy-patterns often specify a particular yarn color. As with yarn weight, you have artistic freedom to knit your project in other colors and yarn fibers which most appeal to you.
      • The test-knit deadlines associated with this project are hard deadlines. I am looking to have this book published in mid-2022. Do not leave this project in your UFO pile.
      • As a test knitter, note any alteration that you made to the instructions (different cast on, bind off, edge treatment, etc). All of these details will help make the book more useful for modern knitters. Mrs. Bellamy didn't have the benefit of a worldwide brain trust of knitters as we have today. By expanding Bellamy’s technique, with our modern knowledge and experiences, we can help elevate Bellamy’s work further.
      • For questions, feedback, or general need help, please reach out to me at any time!


    Thank you so much for joining us in this worthy endeavor!

    Yours truly,

    Kelly Vaughn

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