Diamond Design Sweater for Women

This pattern is one of many in Number Knitting that uses gauge shifting. The pattern in particular, takes full advantage of this method, as it uses five different sizes of needles! Using larger needles at the bust and smaller needles at the waist allows for subtle, yet highly effective shaping, which keeping the same number of stitches.

Upon attempting to knit this pattern, it became apparent that the original needed some improvements.

  • I increased the depth of the armhole
  • Added a bit more room in the neck.
  • The original length was also quite short (crop top), so I added some length to it as well, through a row of divided squares.

In the original version of this pattern, only a single size was provided. I suspect this is because the design was created on the bias, as such, the math is much harder to calculate for various sizes and gauges. In an effort to make this pattern more accessible for a wider range of body sizes, I developed a way to expand the sizes. Simply plugin your gauge and chest measurement, and use the numbers in green below when casting on your sweater.

This sweater does have a bit of negative ease and is best knitted with stretchy yarn.

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