Host a Number Knitting Hands On Workshop
"Number Knitting" is the original modular garter stitch method. Patented in 1948 and taught via correspondence to knitters around the world, "Number Knitting: the New All Way Stretch Method" book is the compilation of these correspondence courses (published in 1952). Kelly Vaughn has been working for six years to revive the book and bring this ingenious method to modern day knitters. While there are other modular garter stitch designers today, none use the same approach that Virginia Woods Bellamy did.

Number Knitted designs are drafted flat, on graph paper, and influenced by fashion and dressmaking techniques of the 1940-50s. They are classic, classy, and exciting to knit! If you want to see all the different patterns from Number Knitting, they can be found on here on Ravelry.

In the 2 hour workshop, students will learn:


  • The cast on method from the book
  • Kelly's slightly improved cast on
  • What to look in a cast on if you choose a different one
  • How (and why) to make a chain stitch selvedge
  • Increasing and decreasing stitches
  • How to make a mirrored double decrease
  • Binding off
  • Identifying Flat, Rising, and Bias Edges
  • Picking up and casting on new units from existing ones
  • Joining Units
  • How to follow a Number Knitting chart on graph paper
  • How to knit the seven shapes of Number Knitting:
    • Square
    • Rectangle
    • Centered Triangle/Right/Left Triangle
    • Divided Square
    • Divided Triangle
    • Single Wing
    • Double Wing

Special Tips

  • Hiding floats along a pick up edge
  • Using varying needle sizes to achieve a custom fit

If you've never knit before, this can be your chance to learn. And if even if you have been knitting for decades, I promise you will learn something new!

Workshop includes:

  • Written instructions for casting on and how to knit each of the basic shapes of Number Knitting
  • A Number Knitting pattern from the book, revived and improved with new chart and instructions
  • A 20% a discount code for the digital version of Number Knitting: The New All Way Stretch Method

Supplies needed

  • Yarn (solid colored, worsted weight preferred)
  • Knitting needles
  • Stitch markers
  • Crochet Hook (helpful but not mandatory)

For information on hosting a presentation, click here.

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