Winged Blouse

The Winged Blouse proved to be a challenge to fit, as the sweater shown on the model is not the same sweater that was  displayed flat.

According to Virginia: 

"To wear: Weight scarf points with carefully selected beads. Bring scarf to front and cross or tie for daytime wear. Throw back from shoulders for evening wear. Note: Unit 7 falls long on shoulders. Central point (on yarn, ending unit) should be weighted by matching bead, falling inside or outside blouse; or, if unit fits too loosely, draw neckline together on strand of yarn.

The blouse photographed weighed exactly two ounces. Since less than one ounce may not be bought, 3 ounces are needed to give 3 colors. 4 ounces make two blouses by reversing colors."

One of the issues in the original1952 book is that it appears the sweater may have been extremely large on the model, as we think that a large portion of the sweater was tucked into her skirt. The fit of the sleeve appears correct, but the white point of the sweater (which should be right at the sternum, in line with the underarms), is actually hiding below her skirt waistline.

A point of confusion on shoulder area: Unit 7 appears that it should be connected to Units 8 and 10, but it is not. Trust the chart.

Due to the divided triangles at the bottom, the sweater has a bit of a flare around the waist. If you prefer your sweaters to be more fitted around the waist, consider knitting Units 14 and 17 on the smaller needles.

In my initial test of this pattern, I made my sweater with a negative ease. In doing so, the length was too short, and the scarves were not long enough tie around the neck. So I needed up adding some length with a rows of divided squares around the lower edge. I'm also adding some extra fabric around the wings to make them long enough to tie in front.

This is part of our summer KAL for 2023. 

Winged Blouse on Model 

Winged Blouse: Flat

Stitch Calculator

Calculate your stitch count by filling in the yellow boxes in the spreadsheet below. Note that this calculator should be used with the gauge from your larger of two needles sizes.

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  • Maura Stone On

    Wow! After watching this episode twice, I’m not sure I have the skills or I am ready to start knitting this in a lace weight yarn with such huge needles. I have knit some other mitered designs by others. I am going to dive into the Hampton Cardigan first with a worsted weight yarn first. I am so impressed with everything you are doing with Virginia’s patterns. I had purchased the original pdf downloaded book several years when you were first diving into the rabbit hole. I wasn’t able to knit anything at that time since life got in the way. And tonight I ordered the new revised edition and am excited to start the Hampton Cardigan. Thank you. Now to find the download on my computer.

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