Hampton Shirt Sleeveless Sweater

The Hampton Shirt is a sleeveless vest, easily adaptable to any size. In the original version of "Number Knitting," the vest was knit for and modeled by a. man. Because of this, the needle sizes are consistent throughout the pattern.

According to Virginia: 

"The adaptable pattern of this slip-on sweater for a man may be applied to a child 's shirt or woman's blouse, to an open cardigan, front-bordered and with sleeves, or open-necked slip-on, long or short sleeved."

"One of the high points of delight in preparing this book on number knitting was the moment when I sat in Miss Frances Healey's drawing room watching her spin wool shorn from her own sheep into yarn which she presented to me to knit into this Hampton Shirt."

One of the issues in the original book was that the chart did not match the written instructions. I have redrawn the chart to correct this issue, and created a stitch calculator that will let you plug in your own chest measurement and gauge, allowing you to knit a sweater that fits your body.

This is part of our spring KAL for 2023. Check out the livestream here.


Hampton Shirt (Sleeveless Sweater)

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